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I was just wondering if you guys served black people? I ask bc I was ignored for about 15 -20mins when I came in on my lunch break. And I definitely was seen, I made eye contact. But I guess it wasnt the right time.

Of course we do, where did you sit? We had our employee Christmas party last night and I think my staff is foggy today. Sometimes if people come in and sit behind the divider wall it's hard for them to be seen.

Kids are welcome?

Sorry but 21 and over.

Do you have to be 21 or older to enter?


Why aren't all the bands listed?? They are in bathrooms

They are listed on our Facebook page. That’s where we post our band schedule

is there a dance floor

Not necessarily a dance floor, but there is room to dance when bands are here!

Is this 21 and older only?


Nice Food & Nice Service

Great food and service

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